About Us

What is MunchNPlay?

  MunchNPlay is a gaming organization that prides itself on giving back to the community. MunchNPlay is operated by me a retired U.S. Army veteran. I established MunchNPlay brand / company in 2015 and have been very active in charitable events that honor our U.S. military personnel. My work under the MunchNPlay brand helped raise over $300,000 in 2015. MunchNPlay is very active helping our community such as raising money for charities, managing soup kitchens for our veterans, running Toys and Gadget charity campaigns and Live event and stream charity campaigns.  

What is our focus?

 The MunchNPlay brand is focused on being a positive influence in the gaming world by working with the community and publishers to help maximize the gaming experience for the players.  Our experience and expertise in gaming has spawned our brand MunchNPlay into a global name within the gaming community.  

How do we Help?

 We are proud to expand our brand into gaming related merchandise that we will offer into the market. All our sales proceeds will be donated to charity outreach programs as way of giving back to the gaming community and to help the future of the gaming industry.